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Below is a map of our initial coverage area. If your neighborhood isn’t here, it will be soon. Please fill out the form so we can get everyone online as soon as possible!

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The Process

  1. We’ll be installing conduit and handholes through your yard near where the telephone and cable lines are already placed. The other companies with underground facilities have been requested to mark their facilities so we don’t hit them.
  2. After the conduit is placed, we will be pulling the fiber optic lines from home to home and beginning to connect it together.
  3. While this is occurring, we will be contacting everyone that has signed up for service to get your installation scheduled. To start out, the fiber from the back of your home to your home will be placed on top of the ground to get everything running while we wait for the rest of the digging.
  4. Once you are up and running and enjoying your new service we will schedule all of the burial of the lines into your home. The burial equipment we use causes very little damage to your grass and any damage will disappear after a few weeks and a few rainfalls.

You can always call our office at 515-421-4645 or email support@televationcomm.com with any questions!